A project created to meet the needs of modern travelers wishing to experience their journey as a multifaceted experience of which language is an essential part. A walking lesson to guide travelers through an itinerary of authentic places, words and smells that bind ancient words to modern ones.

It’s not just an Italian lesson or a crash course nor a tourist experience.
It’s a proposal of physical and linguistic paths that leads you to discover our city through its speech and its expressions.

The sessions are available upon request every day of the week for a minimum of 4 participants.


Each meeting consists of approx 3 hours and includes:

1st Theoretical Step at our site

Presentation, first approaches. Orientation lexicon, papers to consult and complete during the next step.

2nd Step Practical (about 2hrs) itinerant

Developing games on the road: find the object / place (for a draft choice)
Role Play: At the market / In a store

Back in place for self-correction.

€35,00 1 Person

Booking required