A compass if you cross Catania for a few hours or a day and wish to get the most;

if you stay longer and are in need of some kind of service or assistance speaking your language. 

A shelter for a quick brief or a pause, where charging your phone or browse the web.

Wanna do the extra-mile? Then try to learn the basics of Italian language declined in town’s speech or of Catania food shopping, cooking and dining.

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You can come to get directions and info, to stow your luggage and be right in the living town, to start your day trip in Catania.

Coming from the Port or the Airport,  jumping off a bus at the station.

We’re at the door, behind the ancient wall of this barock town named Catania.

Come in, ask, be curious or make typical questions, we won’t mind, we’ll do our best to make you start visiting Catania in the easiest way.

We’ll be glad to help you to spot the best accommodation for you or your travel budget, a great place in tune with your mood to spend your night, the most suitable excursion for your needs and travel style.

Ask as you would ask a local friend