We offer to holiday apartments owners in Catania a deposit, custody and key delivery service to their guests.

We welcome guests in our social reception, giving them all the information they need on their arrival (in Italian and English or French and Spanish on request).

We give them information about your holiday apartment in Catania (in the languages ​​specified above and we have spoken), and prepare, on request, a translation in the guest language (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese) of the information you provide us in Italian.


Costs are based on the time you ask us and on the responsibilities that you give us in handling your guests welcoming and assisting them upon arrival at their holiday apartment in Catania.

Key Deposit, safe storage and delivery: €5

Check-in at home from 9 to 21: starting from €15

Check-in from 9pm to 1am: starting from € 20


We never associate your keys to the accommodation address in an identifiable manner. We use identification codes stored in a secure internal computer network.

We verify the identity of the guest and ask you to assign a custom code to each of them.

We always ask you to send codes and identification data in password-protected attachments.