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How to reach Catania by public transports

REACHING THE HEART OF CATANIA A bit puzzled about how to reach Catania city centre by public transports? Wondering how tricky could it be to move from and get to Catania?  Well, it’s not so difficult,if you come from the surrounding areas and it’s much easier than moving  from a part of town to another
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Map of Catania, part one: Civita

A map of Catania’s neighborhoods: Civita Between Catania’s harbour, il Porto di Catania, and Piazza Duomo, behind the ancient walls and the Marine, Civita is probably the most beautiful area in the historical centre of Catania. Walking along via Vittorio Emanuele II, you will see an emblematic expression of Eastern Sicily late baroque architecture. Some
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Catania. At the entrance.

First stop: Catania. At the entrance of a long road through Sicily, her heavy sun and blessing sea. Vincenzo Bellini Airport, aka Fontanarossa, meaning red fountain, because when Etna’s vomiting her magma be sure that that will be the first thing you’ll see from your plane. That vivid town with whom most comers fall in instant